This is Partnership program, which allows you to receive commission for every referred customer by You to WINBET.IT, while he has active account with us.

Even if you do not have your own website from which to redirect customers to WINBET.BG, you can still try to promote the platform using other advertising systems. It is still important to remember that, the customers prefer to trust reliable and respected source.

Click on „Sign Up“ button and start filling the registration form. It will take you a few minutes to complete, in the final phase you need to read and confirm that you agree with our Terms and Conditions. Then press the Confirm button. Your registration will be reviewed within 5 working days.

No, the registration is completely free of charge.

Affiliates are not allowed to use the codes and bonus materials from their Affiliate Account. If you want to be both our Partner and client, you must register with a separate account directly on our website.

When WINBET.IT is visited through your unique link and the visitor creates his own registration, he is automatically traced to your affiliate account.

The Partner is allowed to have only one Affiliate Account.

If you have two or more sites, you do not need to create a new affiliate account for each of them. Contact us and we will add the sites to your existing affiliate account.

We cannot give you an exact answer to this question. Many of our Affiliates get the most out of this collaboration and earn thousands of EUR monthly. For our part, we offer generous commissions to satisfy our partners.

The commission you receive for each customer is up to 40%. In order to make a withdrawal, you need to have at least 5 clients brought by you who have played at least 50 euro within the calendar month.

The income for the affiliate partner is calculated on the basis of the Net profit.

Here’s how to calculate Net Profit:

Net winnings = Net game (value of bets minus the winnings of your recommended customer) minus the following:

  • The difference from the bets made with bonus funds and the winnings paid on them
  • Taxes and fees to suppliers
  • Disputed payments/chargebacks

WINBET.IT pays a commission as a percentage of the lost funds from the customer you recommend, while he has an active account with us.

The commission is paid by the 15th of the following month.

As our partner, you have access to online statistics at any time of the day. Log in with your username and password in the Affiliate Interface, where you can monitor your balance, as well as the balance of your customers in real time.

The negative balance, as well as the positive balance, is transferred to the next month. If your balance for January is minus 1000 euro, and at the end of February your balance is at plus 2000 euro, your payment at the beginning of March will be for the amount of 1000 euro.

No, you have nothing to lose from partnering with Winbet, the only thing you can achieve is profit!

Affiliate statistics are updated every 24 hours.

Of course. You can access this information by logging in to your affiliate account and then visit your statistics page.

We offer an option for bank transfer.

As a licensed bookmaker for Italy, we will charge and make payments in EUR.

As a Partner you are obliged to advertise only through the special advertising materials that you will find in the interface of your partner account.

You can read the full Terms and Conditions here.